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Bug #4357 (Active): colorbox: automatic re-sized too small

Scratchpads issue queue - Sat, 2015-03-28 05:29

Colorbox resizes to a very short dimension when thumbnail link is clicked. Sometimes works, sometimes does not. Cleared cache, didn't help. Thanks!


Bug #4356 (Active): Changing the Description name when the species page name is changed

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2015-03-27 11:31

Hello, I've changed the identification of one of my species pages from Geastrum minimum agg. to G. marginatum. I've edited the name in the taxonomy and the description now points to the right taxon, but I can't change the name on the description page itself (see attached screenshot). Is there a way I can do this, or do I need your help each time?

Best wishes

Bug #4355 (Active): The file upload overlay fails atthe second stage

Scratchpads issue queue - Thu, 2015-03-26 21:49

I can upload a file, but having pressed next (or what ever it is) I can move on the next screen to see or press the submit button. I'm using Chrome on a Mac, and this worked fine before.

Bug #4354 (Active): Duplicate entries in DwC-A export of Taxon Descriptions

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-03-24 20:10

A recent DwC-A export of taxon descriptions has multiple entries of the same type for individual taxons. For example, the taxon with ID b24fcc52-7219-44dc-b369-5c377f475023 (Bembidion festivum) (but see #4353) has three "diagnostic", three "distribution", three "habitat", and three "size" descriptions. The first entry of each type is correct, but the latter two are actually descriptions for subspecies B. festivum hilare and B. festivum festivum. Similarly, there are two of each type also listed for these two subspecies - that is, for the B. festivum hilare id (d513213f-c6df-4ccd-933a-8b2a224bb24d) both the information for hilare is included, as well as the data from the taxon description of B. festivum festivum (95984806-e75c-4ec8-8f8b-e88103887a6a). The same is true for B. festivum festivum, although the description record for B. festivum hilare is listed first for each type for both B. festivum hilare and B. festivum festivum.

Bug #4353 (Active): DwC-A export does not include taxonomic name GUID?

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-03-24 19:54

It appears the DwC-A export of the taxonomy of our Scratchpad uses different identifiers for the classification.txt file. All the identifiers appear to be Scratchpads-generated, but we are generating GUIDs ourselves, and importing them to Scratchpads. Compare the identifiers between an excel file export (derived via the 'Import' mechanism) and the DwC-A classification.txt:

Taxonomic name: Bembidion festivum
Taxonomic name GUID: bembidion.info:taxon-concepts:000419
ID in classification.txt: 2582b6d2-2a36-4c81-84cc-044a2e100abf

Are the identifiers in the excel file referring to different objects from those in the classification.txt?

Bug #4352 (Active): parentNameUsageID field empty in DwC-A export

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-03-24 19:38

I would like to know if the taxonomic hierarchy is supposed to be available in the classification.txt file of a Darwin Core Archive export of our Scratchpad. In a recent DwC-A export of our Scratchpads, I notice the parentNameUsageID field is empty - should this field show the GUID of the parent taxon (except for root taxa)? Is there another field that could be incluced in the DwC-A export that indicates the parent taxa?

Bug #4351 (Require Feedback): Local installation fails at the final stage

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-03-24 10:19

I did
- git clone to get the latest scratchpads
- mv the whole content of scratchpads dir to /var/www/myscratchpads
- configure a virtual host that directly point to http://myscratchpads
- create a mysql db
- launch installation procedure...
Everything went right (213 modules succesfully installed) untill it ends
wihtout having configured site nameand administrator credentials...
Then if I try to point my browser to http://myscratchpads I ofcourse can't
log in, can't create new accounts etc...

An I wrong trying to install a localhost localized scratchpads?
I'm trying to do this just for test within my lan.

Thanks in advace for answer, advices or suggestions
Best regards,

Yan Le Guen

Bug #4350 (Require Feedback): website speed in USA

Scratchpads issue queue - Mon, 2015-03-23 16:38

This is not a bug report or complaint, but a happy report that website response times seem better than they were a few weeks ago from New York, USA. (It had been annoyingly pokey.) Has something been changed?

Bug #4349 (Active): DwC-A export (for EOL) references are not detected

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2015-03-20 19:25

Sorry for the delayed response. I have finally reharvested and inspected the resource for phthiraptera (http://phthiraptera.info/eol-dwca.zip). Everything looks good for the names, images, text and attribution data, but the references are not showing up. My best guess is that our system is confused by the presence of two referenceID elements in the eol-dwca file. I'm not sure there isn't another possible explanation. I will attach the meta, and truncated taxon and reference files from a recent DwC-A resource (World Register of Marine Species) for which the references directly associated with taxa are working, in case you'd like to compare.

Sorry! :(


Bug #4348 (Active): deselect a group in GROUPS AUDIENCE

Scratchpads issue queue - Fri, 2015-03-20 12:53

Dear Scratchpad team,
I just created a webform to test first internally with the group "JEMU": http://bebol.myspecies.info/node/108.

It works and now I would like to make it public. For this, I would like to deselect the group "JEMU" under GROUPS AUDIENCE on the editable display of the page: http://bebol.myspecies.info/node/108#overlay=node/108/edit
but I am not able to do this. Did I do something wrong or is there a way to do this easily ?
Thank you very much

Bug #4347 (Active): Cannot modify contents

Scratchpads issue queue - Tue, 2015-03-17 16:27

I cannot modify any contents (taxa, species descriptions, literature items, etc.) anymore bu clicking it with the mouse. It used to work fine until a few days ago. Can it be a Java problem?

Thank you,


Bug #4346 (Active): Italics for species/subspecies names in side bar

Scratchpads issue queue - Mon, 2015-03-16 22:25

I will soon begin to add species and subspecies names to the side bar list of taxa (http://mosquito-taxonomic-inventory.info/). As a test, I added one species name. Unlike genus and species names in the list, which are italicized, the species name was not automatically italicized. See http://mosquito-taxonomic-inventory.info/simpletaxonomy/term/8546. I cannot find a way to have the name appear in italics without using the 'em' command. What must be done in order for species and subspecies names to automatically appear in italics when they are added to the side bar?


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